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The first thing you hear are drums that sound like actual thunder, and the storm continues from beat one until the end of this three song EP. Over more than a decade this family band has continually released increasingly heavy and always technically impressive records, and Awaken | Abandon | Adapt stands mighty showing that this band has continued to refine and improve. Each song is memorable in spite of the intense complexity with surprise hooks backed up by brain twisting breakdowns.

Tightly crafted and made with a clear vision, the songs range from six minutes to nine minutes, brimming with emotion and offering up a story. 

There is an unmistakable sense of play and joy, despite the ominousness present throughout. It’s clear that these three love to make music together, and they do it well.

The rock floating on the album cover really tells it all.  Full of detail, gorgeous, precarious, and curious. A work of some science and some magic, not for you to understand but to experience and be washed away in.


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